Crisis Communications


Crisis Communication in law firms analyses and forsees the possible risk scenarios of a firm to mitigate, as much as possible, the negative impact resulting from a crisis situation, and be able, ultimately, to take advantage of adversity, reinforcing the image and reputation of the firm and safeguarding the interests of both customers and the business itself.

We are able to anticipate different scenarios due to our experience in managing media communication in situations of crisis and thanks to our highly specialized team and experienced companies in the area of the Big Four. We analyze the risk variables that may occur in your firm and developed the ‘Crisis Plan’ a capital instrument that will allow us to anticipate such situations, winning responsiveness and preventing the need for improviation from the spokesmen for the firm.

We identify vulnerabilities, responsible people and responsibilities. Always with the aim of strengthening fundamental factors such as trust and reputation, to ensure the continuity of your business.

In the legal world we can find different types of adverse situations that may create a situation of instability in the firm (crisis), such as loss of important cases, generational relay, brain drain, leaks of information or ‘hacking’ that will put a matter in check or have a media impact, reputational causes of any member of the management team, etc. The Crisis Plan is a roadmap strategically planned for each of these scenarios, with actions that cover both the online and the offline environment.

In our firm we take care of designing and implementing appropriate actions, such as the designation of the spokesman and defining the roles of each member of the Crisis Committee; the development of communications (internal, institutional, press releases, etc.); the convening and organizing press conferences as necessary and managing the relationship with the media. Last but not least, we handle the monitoring and evaluation of the impact of the crisis on the firm in its economic performance, reputation, trust, public opinion, branding, market, etc.


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