Our mission as a legal marketing, communication and business development- consulting firm, is to help you obtain clients and win their loyalty. It is as simple as that. But obviously, this is not our only aim as we consider other profitable objectives for your law firm, like helping you to improve your management, gain more visibility and to differentiate yourself, to improve the fees that the clients might ask for, to create strategic alliances, to support internationalization, to foster networking, etc. However, the last goal is, and always will be, to obtain clients and win their loyalty.

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If the big firms work on marketing, communication and business development it is because they are convinced that the R.O.I. (Return of Investment) is worth it. For the law firms with smaller turnovers, the new technologies have opened a lot of really affordable possibilities, which are already being highly profited by other sectors. Why not use these weapons that can be better adapted to our sector?

There are no magical or miraculous formulas that permit us to become market leaders from one day to another, but with hard work, consistency, dedication and the right strategy as well as professionals, we can achieve leadership. We are experiencing new times and we want to be the bridge that enables you to became a new firm. And all this will be done with an overall focus on the online (visibility for online clients) as well as the offline channels (as the digital world´s antithesis). Moreover, we operate from the two main markets of our country, Madrid and Barcelona, where we have offices.

Lastly, we would like to highlight that we do everything with the most absolute independence. We do not belong, are not attached to and do not have exclusivity with any other law firm or network. We do not form part of any group what could generate a conflict of interest or foster information leaks. We are independent (and this is the way we will continue) because of our commitment to the client. Nevertheless, we get support from international associates that allow us to go ahead with the implantation of our clients in international markets, as they are experts on the actuality of their home countries. We also work with different high-level providers to satisfactorily complete every kind of project (video, photo, web, etc.) while providing guarantees of the highest quality to our clients.

Finally, we want to mention our agreement with UNICEF that allows us to face the shares of SRL (Social Responsibility of Lawyers) with maximum guarantees.