Bolillo web Gericó Associates Marketing Jurídico STRATEGIC BUSINESS PLAN

This strategic plan includes the marketing plan, communication plan, human resources, operations and business plan.

It allows all plans to be business oriented and to include a unique strategy that will improve the effectiveness of plans that would not achieve the same efficiency if conceived independently.

Bolillo web Gericó Associates Marketing JurídicoSTRATEGIC ALLIANCES

As we were advancing in “Business Development”, a strategic alliance consists of an exchange between two complimentary firms, who’s issues fall outside the areas of natural exepertise of those involved. Thus, a tax specialist firm can join forces with a company that has labor exchange issues, for example.

Despite being a win-win situation (everyone involved wins), there is another set of requirements that must be met for an alliance of this type to be successful/ For example, they must share a philosophy and be of a similar size to avoid imbalances in exchange matters and to have transparency from all involved, etc. alhough there are ways to overcome such imbalances).

From Gericó Associates we seek for the perfect office for your alliance and close a productive meeting between the parties concerned in order to increase turnover in the short term.

Bolillo web Gericó Associates Marketing JurídicoBENCHMARKING ANALYSIS

Legal Benchmarking Analysis is a pioneering service in our country. The aim of Benchmarking for a professional service firm is to compare the fundamental attributes of your service (the ones most valued by clients), with the other leading services in the market and to therefore establish a comparative assessment of both services.

Am I more expensive than my competitors? Is my reputation better or worse than theirs? What are my competitors doing? What is better competition in my office? Am I doing better or worse than a year ago? And two years ago? And three years ago? As part of our benchmarking service, we obtain all these responses and present them in a positioning graphic accompanied by a detailed analysis.

Bolillo web Gericó Associates Marketing JurídicoPERSONAL BRANDING

We work on both the personal brand of the lawyers of a firm, and their managing partners. If you want to know how, do not hesitate to contact us.

Bolillo web Gericó Associates Marketing JurídicoVIRTUAL LAW PRACTICE

Virtual law is the most immediate technological challenge that firm’s must confront. In the U.S.A. many offices have already been implemented in the network, operating at full capacity. At Gericó Associates we were pioneers in advising firms that want to open this new line of digital business. What should a virtual office be like? Must you work independently? What services should I offer? Just the commodities? Do I keep it connected with my brand or launch it as an independent brand? What means of payment should I implement? How do I communicate with customers? If you want to know what the answers to these and many other questions about the virtual advocacy are, tailored to your specific case, please contact us.

Bolillo web Gericó Associates Marketing JurídicoSOCIAL NETWORKS

Social networks are not the future. They are the present. Networks allow us to position ourselves as experts of some disciplines, to develop networking or even attract customers (either directly or through referrals). Networks have many more benefits than those described, but you have to know to use them. Opening a profile on one of the social networks and then not use it, or update it, not only does not generate any of the detailed benefits, but will also cause damage. At Gericó Associates, we articulate the strategy for social networks within our communication plan to ensure that we don’t just “shoot and hope to get lucky”, but become “snipers”. We take care of every detail so that their presence in networks is impeccable.

Bolillo web Gericó Associates Marketing JurídicoSEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION – SEO

Last September 2013, Google went from the Penguin algorithm to Hummingbird algorithm. Google rebuilt the foundations of its algorithm of indexing pages (they had not made a change of such depth since 2001), meaning that the search positions of many web pages have been altered. This new algorithm premiums quality content (something we have always bet on at Gericó Associates, anticipating the change) and penalizes old practices such as artificial network links. But the changes do not end there: one of the many developments that the new Google algorithm takes into account is to have a responsive web (adapted to tablets and smartphones), which adds more value now than ever. There are many keys that have to be played to tune the positioning of the piano, and we have scores.


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