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New article published in Expansión

In words of our Partner & Dircom, Alfonso Everlet, for the newspaper Expansión, “there are only two ways to compete in the market: either we compete for price (and there will always be someone cheaper than us) or we are different”.

“Times of ethics and not aesthetics”

“We live in a new era in which ethics and not aesthetics prevail,” writes our Dircom, which considers that by displaying the banner of excellence or “innovation without arguments that justify it”, both words have been emptied of content “to the point of turning them into a desiderata -supplemented with two tablespoons of impudence-“.

Customer orientation, essential

Our Partner writes that the orientation to the client is the “secret ingredient” that must accompany the innovation to obtain the excellence in the dispatches. Because “the greatest challenge they face in terms of legal communication”, says Alfonso Everlet, is “to know themselves and to know their business – and that of their client – to explore their difference and achieve a true competitive advantage, sustainable and aligned with its business objectives “.

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