In recent years a transformation that affects all sectors and organizations has begun as a result of the emergence of new technologies and the digitization of society and therefore the market. As one would expect, these changes affect the legal sector in a very direct way, immersing them in a constant process of evolution and for which the new formats of communication have involved an exposure to its stakeholders.

This new situation marked by the information hypersensitivity, ease of transmission of information and demand transparency can lead to moments of great uncertainty and instability that can damage the brand very seriously if a solid reputation has not previously been built and that is sustainable over time. Given this scenario, the reputation management of law firms becomes a key to generating value and strengthening its position in the competitive environment of the XXI century strategic axis.

What is reputation management? In short, we can say that reputation management is to be guarantors of the promise of our brand value. Many experts agree that this is a “reputation economy“, in which 85% of the value of a firm lies in the brand, which places the management of intangibles as a top priority for any organization.

From Gericó Asocciates, thanks to our highly specialized knowledge, we help companies manage their reputation to improve its brand image in the market and, consequently, generate new business opportunities. Through Brand Management we conduct a strategic management of firms as brands and the management of these, with reputation as a key axis.

Our team, through a thorough methodology, analyzed, measured and even quantified economically the reputation of a firm and based on the results, develops and implements strategies that offer our customers solutions that help them manage and develop their reputation.

The reputational crisis that some firms have lived in recent years have shown that the legal sector, where reputation is fundamental, is not safe and the impact these can have on their brand value and therefore in your bottom line may even endanger the viability of a firm.


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