Our values represent who we really are and the principles that inspire and rule our professional conduct.


Our goal in everything that we do is excellence. Work based on excellence means quality work (with special attention to details), dedication (we are solely focused on our industry but always keep an eye on the rest to take advantage of compatible innovations) and training. Client deliveries must be impeccable.



It is a phrase that we repeat very often and that more than one client has heard from us several times. In effect, we believe in anticipating the situations and looking for constant feedback as guarantees of success, while avoiding misunderstandings and assumptions.

We also internally apply this maxim to our process, but above all we apply it to our professional services. This is why we are always available to clarify any doubts a client could have, to learn from the solutions adopted and to communicate any relevant aspect that concerns our relationship with the client.



We do not share the adopted strategy with other clients, or the prices, or their billings, or anything. The information we gather in order to offer a better service is only used for that purpose. In fact, we include a clause in our contracts to specially guarantee this matter.



As consultants, our word and credibility mean everything to us, and that is why we totally comply with the acquired commitments with the client. This is our duty and responsibility.



We are proud of our transparency and therefore we report clearly and concisely to the client about the real situation and evolutions, continuously providing them with all the information about the management, actions and the fees applied. Moreover, to reinforce that point, we produce a monthly report that enables the client to have a quick and easy follow up on everything that happened in that month, providing the client with additional information to the bills, that allows them to evaluate the results of our relationship.


We firmly believe that by applying generosity in all fields of our activity (with our associates, providers and partner’s remuneration, as well as with the services given to the client –going further than what has been agreed, generosity with the time and the services offered, etc.) we achieve wider implication, productivity and efficiency in all that we are involved in, for example, any productive process and, specially, strategies of implementation and the solutions of a marketing and communication plan for a law firm.



We have a firm that is sensitized to the problems that our society is facing and we want to contribute our bit to it. It is essential to have social values and solidarity to live in a better world. That is why we collaborate with UNICEF, with whom we have signed a collaboration agreement for the development of social responsibility actions for the legal profession and to disseminate certain values such as the right of the child (for which, for example, we organize an event at the ICAB that we spread via streaming).