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Business Development for law firms and lawyers

In the competitive legal world, business development has become a key factor in the success of law firms and legal professionals. In a saturated and constantly evolving marketplace, it is critical to implement effective strategies that drive growth and strengthen your firm’s reputation. To this end, we offer a specialised business development service designed exclusively for law firms and lawyers. With our strategic approach and extensive experience in the legal sector, we will provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to achieve your business goals and stand out in the marketplace. Find out how we can help you grow your legal practice and increase your client base with our business development service!

How will our business Development strategy help you?

Business development for lawyers is the most commercial of all client acquisition actions. This is mainly based on 5 groups of strategic actions:

  1. Obtaining new clients
  2. Retaining actual clients
  3. Achieving profitable growth
  4. Encouraging cross-selling strategies
  5. Boosting agreements with referees

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    To achieve our business development objectives, it is key to develop sales strategies to attract new clients and manage our key accounts, as well as to implement policies and processes for the management and presentation of proposals and, of course, to achieve the desired increase in the conversion rate of potential leads or clients. Ultimately, the aim is to implement a system that allows us to identify the need of the client and to create the perfect response to achieve the sale.

    Why is it that at Gericó Associates we talk about innovative business development? Simply because we find the most creative approach, combining previous best practices in a new way, looking for new approaches that allow our clients a clear differentiation with their competitors, and because we use the most innovative technology (for CRM, opportunity detection etc.). Our know-how in this innovative field is based on our experience working all sorts of law firms from the European and Latin American markets. All these experiences bring us the confidence of knowing how to find the most suitable and customized solution for each client.

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    As accomplished specialists in Business Development, we posses the expertise and strategic acumen to drive transformative growth for your organisation. Our team of Business Development is dedicaterd to unlocking your company´s full potential. Trust us to be your catalyst for success.


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