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What is Chambers and Partners?

Chambers and Partners is a British research and ratings company, publishing international lists and guides for the legal industry, based in the City of London. Through rigorous research and interviews with clients and other stakeholders, Chambers and Partners identifies and highlights the leading law firms in each jurisdiction and practice area. Its annual legal rankings are widely respected and used as a key tool for corporate counsel, law firms and other decision-makers to more confidently select the leading lawyers and firms in various practice areas and jurisdictions. These rankings provide comprehensive industry analysis, enabling informed selection. Chambers and Partners‘ reputation has established itself as an indispensable benchmark in the legal community, providing a valuable international directory for those seeking legally excellent practitioners. It is therefore key to know how to position your firm in this international directory.

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    How can we help you with your application?

    At Gericó Associates we have an ex-Chambers and Partners team with more than 15 years of experience in international directory submissions. During these years, we have advised several of the world’s leading firms in this sector and we are in constant contact with researchers and publishers. This guarantees us the best and most up-to-date approach to accompany our clients in the submission process.

    We support our clients throughout the entire research process, from the organisation and selection of information to the publication date of the final results. We provide advice that adds value to the hard work of collecting and selecting information, preparing submissions and referee spreadsheets and offering comparative analysis of previous years’ submissions for individuals and practice areas. In addition, we provide the necessary follow-up and support to partners in their preparation for interviews.

    This service is perfect for law firms that have never participated in directories, those that have tried unsuccessfully, and also for teams that already have a ranking, but are looking to maintain and even improve it. It is a comprehensive service that provides ongoing support for all international directory-related needs that the firm may have.

    If you have already completed your submission but have doubts as to whether it meets the directory’s expectations, Gericó Associates offers a submission review and referee spreadsheet analysis service prior to submission. Our consultancy service includes the analysis of the content, as well as the necessary modifications and suggestions based on our recent experience working from within the most prestigious directory.

    Has your firm has been submitting submissions year after year without getting the expected results? At Gericó Associates, we have developed a service specifically designed to address this situation and provide clarity on the reasons why a submission has not been successful or the firm’s objectives have not been met. From there, we set new objectives and, according to the firm’s needs, we can upgrade the service to a comprehensive advice or submission review service. We adapt to your needs!

    Trainings are one of the most requested services by our clients. They are designed for firms that prefer to handle the international directories area internally, but require the prior knowledge that only a specialised team can provide. We offer a wide variety of training tailored to the needs of our clients. Among them, we have trained partners, associates and marketing and communication professionals on the following topics:

    • How to stand out when preparing an application.
    • Everything you need to know about international directories.
    • The Chambers and Partners research process, as told by former directory researchers.
    • How to organise an in-house international directories department.
    • Structuring internal procedures and managing directory work.
    • Strategy: How to select the right directories to apply to.
    • Evaluating the payment options offered by directories: What is worth investing in?
    • Best practices when working with international directories.

    Achieve global recognition by ranking in Chambers and Partners

    What areas does Chambers and Partners cover?

    The areas to which law firms may apply depend on the geographical region and country, but generally include the following:
    • Corporate / M&A: Corporate / M&A: High-end Capability
    • Corporate / M&A: Mid-Market 
    • Dispute Resolution
    • Intellectual Property
    • Banking and Finance
    • Capital Markets
    • Antitrust
    • Labour
    • Energy and Natural Resources
    • Environment
    • Funds
    • Fiscal / Tributary
    • Project Finance
    • Public / Administrative
    • Real Estate
    • Telecommunications, Media and Technology
    • Life Sciences
    • Compliance

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    From the team of specialists at Gericó Associates, we can support you in the presentation of your candidatures. Improving your standing and obtaining a position in an international directory such as Chambers and Partners will boost your image, visibility and reputation in the eyes of your stakeholders.

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