Our areas of practice

At Gericó Associates we give responsibility to absolutely everything that relates to our areas of practice, those are:

Legal marketing and strategy

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International directories

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Legal Communication and Reputation management

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Digital Business

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Mergers and Operations

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Management Solutions

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Innovative business development

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Solutions 9

The diverse needs of our clients and our obsession to adapt precisely to them have driven us to develop, over the course of almost a decade, a broad portfolio of specialized services that encompass the whole range of services, spanning from the strategy to the implementation of the smallest details.

We have different specialists for each area who are constantly staying updated on innovations and best practices of each one of their areas, then sharing them with the rest of the team in international meetings via video conference. Thus, by counting on the continuous training and sharing of knowledge, we manage to keep a united team, coordinated and with the `know-how´ always updated in order to give the best possible answer and customized solutions to the needs of our clients, independent of which jurisdiction/(s) they operate on.

Moreover, our 10 years of experience working with Law Firms in the European and Latin American markets has brought us the confidence to assure the best response.

Our focus has allowed us to work with 3 of the 10 largest firms worldwide, thanks to our approach of taking the shortcut of doing a great job. The common foundations of our work are transparency, results and orientation to business, which has allowed us to build a solid reputation as market leaders, largely around the satisfaction of our clients that practice as ambassadors for our brand.

To develop our practice areas, we make up for the lack of a marketing department in a firm, help/train a team or we build bridges between the head offices and the different branches that depend on the `mother firm´.

For the delivery of our services, it is fundamental that the role of our partners and collaborators guarantee the best fit for our actions in the diverse local realities.