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According to the celebrated author and marketing guru Seth Godin, `Marketing is about understanding our customers’ worldview and desires so we can connect with them. ´ Thus, there is no surprise that an autonomous discipline has emerged, such as legal marketing, that takes care of knowing the particular characteristics of the law firm client. Ultimately, it is about seeing and understanding the market from the demand side and, as a result, adapting our offer of to that deep knowledge of the market.

What takes a company to hire a certain firm? What does it take for a person to opt for one firm or another? Knowing the answers, it is a question of applying the available tools, both in the online environment, as in the offline, to achieve your goals.

At Gericó Associates we take care of both the development of a strategic marketing plan and its implementation, leveraging our specialized knowledge in the legal sector. Our marketing plans essentially revolve around the methodology of the 7 P´s of mix marketing: place, price, promotion, physical evidence, people, product and process. To this mix we add our know-how, gained throughout a decade of practice, and large doses of pragmatism, common sense and orientation to the client.

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    The importance of Legal Marketing for lawyers

    Legal marketing is essential for lawyers and law firms today. This set of strategies seeks to promote the services, expertise and skills of legal professionals in a highly competitive environment. It is not limited to advertising, but combines various techniques to attract potential clients and strengthen the reputation of lawyers.

    Visibility is key in this area. Legal marketing can highlight areas of expertise, achievements, success stories and unique approaches that differentiate a firm or lawyer from the competition. Strategies such as content marketing, social media presence, SEO and event participation build a prominent presence that attracts the attention of potential clients.

    In addition to attracting new clients, legal marketing contributes to the retention and loyalty of existing clients. Maintaining constant communication through newsletters, legal updates or exclusive events strengthens client relationships and can lead to referrals and recommendations. It provides relevant and educational information to potential and existing clients, enabling them to make informed decisions and building trust in the lawyer or firm.

    Brand building and credibility is key. A strong online presence, quality content and participation in events help build trust in the lawyer’s abilities. This established reputation not only attracts new clients to the firm, but also helps to build trust and confidence in the lawyer’s skills.

    How can we help you with your Legal Marketing?

    At Gericó Associates we take charge of both the preparation of a Strategic Marketing Plan and its implementation, always based on our specialisation in the legal sector. Our Marketing Plans are essentially structured around the methodology of the 7 P’s of the Marketing Mix: Place, Price, Promotion, Physical Evidence, People, Product and Process or, in other words: place, price, promotion, physical evidence, people, product and process. To this we add all the know-how accumulated over almost a decade and large doses of pragmatism, common sense and customer orientation.

    But Legal Marketing is not just about marketing plans. These are our professional, specialised and quality Legal Marketing and Strategy services:

    Legal Marketing and Strategy 1

    Brand audit

    Comprehensive assessment of the identity, perception and positioning of the law firm or lawyer in the market, identifying strengths and areas for improvement to boost its presence and relevance.

    Legal Marketing and Strategy 2

    Strategic marketing plan

    Drafting of a detailed plan including objectives, strategies and specific actions to promote legal services, highlighting areas of specialisation and differentiation in the market.

    Legal Marketing and Strategy 3

    Review of pricing policies

    Analysis and adjustment of the pricing strategy for legal services, ensuring that it is competitive and aligned with the value offered, maximising profitability and attracting clients.

    Legal Marketing and Strategy 4

    Mystery Shopping

    Anonymous evaluation of the customer experience, allowing us to identify areas for improvement in customer care, customer service and internal processes to optimise customer satisfaction.

    Legal Marketing and Strategy 5

    Brand creation: naming, branding and web development

    Complete development of the brand identity, including the selection of a name (naming), design of the logo and visual elements (branding), and the creation of an attractive and functional website.

    Legal Marketing and Strategy 6

    Events: reputation / business development

    Planning and execution of strategic events that strengthen the reputation of the law firm, foster networking and generate business development opportunities, broadening visibility and connections in the legal market.

    Our success stories in legal marketing

    We have established a strong online presence by creating relevant and valuable content, which has contributed to building trust and credibility among our current and potential customers. This digital presence has been key to reaching a wider audience, adapting to current trends and maximising the impact of our actions.

    Our successes in legal marketing are reflected in the significant increase in satisfied clients and the strengthening of long-lasting relationships with those we have served. In addition, we have been able to differentiate ourselves in the market through careful brand management, strategic events and a constant review of our pricing policies, offering competitive and high-value services.

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    Frequently Asked Questions on Legal Marketing and Strategy

    Legal marketing is crucial for law firms and legal professionals, as it allows them to stand out in a competitive market. Here are some effective strategies:

    1. Personal branding: Lawyers should highlight their skills, specialisms and experience through a strong personal profile. This involves participating in conferences, writing articles, maintaining a blog and being active on professional social media.
    2. Content marketing: Creating and sharing relevant and useful content is key. Publishing articles, guides, videos or podcasts on legal topics helps build credibility and attract potential clients.
    3. Search engine optimisation (SEO): Ensure that the website is optimised for SEO to improve its visibility in search engines. Using relevant keywords and creating quality content can improve ranking.
    4. Social media presence: Be active on platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram to share knowledge, engage in relevant conversations and make connections with other professionals.
    5. Strategic alliances: Collaborating with other like-minded professionals or companies can expand your network and generate referrals from potential clients.
    6. Events and seminars: Organising or participating in events, seminars or webinars on current legal topics helps to showcase expertise and knowledge in the field.
    7. Collecting testimonials and referrals: Referrals and recommendations

    Legal marketing is distinguished by the highly regulated and ethical nature of the legal profession. Unlike other forms of marketing, lawyers must comply with specific rules set by bar associations and government regulations. These regulations restrict certain practices common in conventional marketing, such as excessive advertising or exaggerated promises, emphasising instead transparency, truthfulness and ethics in the promotion of legal services.

    The Legal Marketing approach is also highly specialised. It targets a specific audience seeking legal advice. Therefore, marketing strategies in this field focus on communicating expertise, credibility and knowledge in specific legal areas to attract and retain clients seeking reliable and specialised advice. The content produced focuses on educating the audience about complex legal issues rather than selling services in a conventional manner.

    In addition, Legal Marketing places significant emphasis on building long-term relationships. Clients are looking for a lawyer they can fully trust, so legal marketing is geared towards building strong relationships based on trust, credibility and long-term satisfaction. Rather than looking for instant sales, the focus is on building client loyalty over time, developing lasting connections with clients and building long-term relationships.

    By engaging legal marketing services, you can obtain a number of significant benefits for your law firm or practice. Some of these benefits include:
    1. Increased visibility and recognition: thanks to a good implementation of legal marketing, the reach of your law firm can grow, both on social networks and search engines such as Google. This means that more potential people become aware of your practice, which can translate into greater brand recognition in the marketplace.
    2. Lead generation: effective marketing strategies can attract potential clients interested in your legal services. By reaching a wider and more targeted audience, qualified leads can be generated, increasing the chances of converting them into actual clients.
    3. Building credibility and trust: Well-structured legal marketing can reinforce your reputation and credibility. By offering educational content, participating in relevant events, and showcasing your expertise in specific legal areas, you will gain the trust of your potential clients.
    4. Differentiation in the marketplace: you will stand out from the competition by highlighting your strengths and specialisations. This will help differentiate you in an increasingly competitive legal market.
    5. Loyalty and long-term relationships: by maintaining a constant presence through marketing, you will be able to cultivate long-term relationships with your clients. This can lead to greater loyalty.

    Yes, Gericó Associates specialises in providing highly personalised services to all types of law firms. We have extensive experience working with firms of different sizes, areas of specialisation and approaches within the legal world. Our priority is to understand the specific needs of each firm, and through our diverse experience, we are able to tailor strategies and tactics that align perfectly with each client’s individual objectives.

    We have worked with large, medium and small firms, from generalist law firms to those specialising in particular legal areas. This diversity of clients has given us a deep understanding of the unique needs and challenges that each type of firm faces in the marketplace. Our experience allows us to develop tailored strategies that maximise visibility, generate leads and strengthen the reputation of each firm, tailored to their focus and areas of specialisation.

    Our commitment to customisation is reflected in our ability to offer a wide range of services, from website optimisation and SEO strategies to content management, advertising campaigns, social media presence and more, all tailored to the specific needs of each firm. This diverse experience has allowed us to achieve significant success in promoting and growing law firms of different profiles, strengthening their position in a highly competitive market.

    Absolutely. We specialise in providing bespoke advice and services to boutique firms. We understand that boutique firms often have unique needs and objectives, seeking to highlight their specialisation and offer a highly personalised service to their clients.

    Our experience working with a wide range of firms, including boutique firms, has enabled us to understand the particularities and challenges they face. We focus on developing strategies that highlight the unique strengths of your boutique firm, showcasing your specialised expertise and individualised attention to clients.

    We offer bespoke solutions tailored specifically to your boutique firm’s needs, from highly specialised content strategies to optimising online presence and creating campaigns that highlight your differentiation in the marketplace. Our goal is to help your firm stand out and attract clients seeking highly specialised and personalised legal services.

    As an independent lawyer, we understand the importance of standing out in a competitive market. We offer customised services that can be of great help to your independent practice. Our approach is tailored to the individual needs of lawyers like you, providing strategies designed to highlight your expertise, generate visibility and attract potential clients.

    We can help you by creating a strong online presence, optimising your website, social media profiles and specialised content that showcases your legal expertise. Our goal is to highlight your unique value proposition, clearly communicating your specialisation and skills to potential clients.

    In addition, we develop marketing strategies that fit your budget and business objectives, maximising your reach and enabling you to build strong relationships with potential clients. Our purpose is to drive the growth of your independent practice, generating opportunities and promoting your reputation in the legal marketplace.

    The cost of legal marketing services can vary significantly due to a number of factors. This includes the nature and extent of the services you need, the reputation and experience of the agency or professional hired, as well as the complexity of the strategies to be implemented. Monthly fees are one of the common forms of billing in legal marketing, and can vary depending on the amount of services required, such as social media management, website optimisation, specialised content creation, advertising, among others. In addition, the degree of customisation and the specific approach to your firm’s needs will also influence the final cost.

    When looking for legal marketing services, it is crucial to discuss your business objectives, desired strategies and available budget with the agency or professional. This will allow you to receive a detailed and personalised quote that is tailored to your needs. Each firm may require a different approach, so clear communication about your expectations will help to establish a work plan and cost according to your business and financial goals.

    To improve your legal marketing strategy today, you can take several immediate steps:

    • Review and optimise your online presence: Update and improve your website with clear information about your services, areas of expertise and contact details. Make sure it is responsive and optimised for SEO.
    • Create relevant content: Start writing articles, social media posts or newsletters with valuable information on legal topics relevant to your audience.
    • Engage on social media: Make a plan to interact more on platforms such as LinkedIn or Twitter. Share useful content, engage in discussions and make professional connections.
    • Ask for testimonials or reviews: Contact satisfied clients to ask for testimonials or reviews that you can display on your website or social media to increase credibility.
    • Research and analyse your competition: Conduct a competitor analysis to identify successful strategies that you could implement in your own marketing plan.
    • Refine your unique value proposition: Highlight what makes you different and why customers should choose you through a clear and compelling message.

    These initial steps will allow you to start improving your legal marketing strategy and lay the groundwork for a more robust and effective approach in the future.

    Gericó Associates has a presence in several key cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Bogotá, Mexico City, Lima and London. Through this network of locations, our approach covers a wide range of countries and regions, offering business development and marketing services internationally. Although the main locations are in these specific cities, their experience and capabilities extend beyond, and we have worked with countries in different parts of the world, such as the United States, France and Saudi Arabia. This broad experience reflects its ability to operate in multiple jurisdictions and adapt to diverse legal and cultural realities, providing specialised services to a diverse global audience.

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