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Legal 500: What is it?

The Legal 500 is a British company, responsible for evaluating and classifying law firms and lawyers from all over the world for the subsequent publication of annual rankings and guides, differentiating areas of specialisation and countries.

Among the most important, we highlight The Legal 500 EMEA, an annual ranking that evaluates and classifies the main law firms and legal professionals in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA). Moreover, The Legal 500 Latin America, a ranking of the leading law firms and legal professionals throughout Latin America. These international directories are published in several languages, including Spanish, and provide detailed information on the experience and skills of lawyers and law firms operating in these regions.

The Legal 500 researches and evaluates members of the legal sector around the world, with a specialised and comprehensive coverage, we can also mention the prestigious rankings The Legal 500 US, The Legal 500 UK or The Legal 500 Asia Pacific. They provide insight into the legal profiles of important countries and allow strategies to be drawn up based on their results.

With more than 30 years of experience, Legal 500 also provides an overview of the legal market in these areas and is considered a reference source for companies, investors and individuals seeking legal advice anywhere in the world.

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    The Legal 500 is compiled by a team of legal researchers and journalists who conduct interviews and surveys with lawyers and clients around the world. The results are based on the opinions of these experts and are updated annually to reflect changes in the market and in the skills of lawyers and law firms.

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    How can we help you with your application?

    In the legal field, positioning in The Legal 500 is an external and objective seal of quality that is accepted globally. In Spain, in particular, it is widely recognized for its prestige among legal professionals.

    The Legal 500 are not simple listings of lawyers but authentic market studies where feedback is gathered from transactions, clients and colleagues to place legal professionals and their firms in different positions within their rankings and also to recognize in-house legal professionals in their special publications.

    Our specialization in legal directories allows us to work as your strategic partner to achieve a good result in The Legal 500, through:

    We provide full support to our clients throughout the research process, from the organisation and selection of information to the publication of the final results. Our advice aims to add value to the hard work of collecting and selecting information, preparing submissions and referee spreadsheets, and even offers comparative analysis of previous years’ submissions for individuals and practice areas. In addition, we carry out the necessary follow-up and support partners in their preparation for interviews.

    This service is ideal for firms that have never participated in directories, those that have tried unsuccessfully, and for teams that already have a ranking, but are looking to maintain or even improve it. In short, it is a comprehensive service that offers ongoing support for all of the firm’s international directory-related needs.

    Have you already completed the submission but have doubts about whether it meets the expectations of the directory? At Gericó Associates we offer a submission review and referee spreadsheet analysis service prior to submission, in case you already have an in-house team capable of preparing it. Our consultancy service includes the analysis of the content, as well as its optimisation through modifications and suggestions based on our recent experience working from directories such as The Legal 500.

    Does your firm submit candidacies year after year without success? Following the needs of our clients, at Gericó Associates we have designed this service with the aim of providing clarity and discovering the reasons why an application has not been successful or why the firm’s objectives have not been met. From that starting point, we set goals and, according to the firm’s requirements, we can improve the comprehensive advice or presentation review service: we adapt to your needs!

    Training courses are a fundamental part of the services most requested by our clients. They are aimed at law firms that prefer to manage the international directories area internally and therefore require the prior knowledge that only a specialised team can provide.

    We offer a wide variety of trainings, adapted to the needs of our clients. Among others, we have trained partners, associates and marketing and communication professionals on the following topics:

    • How to prepare an application that stands out from the crowd.
    • Everything you need to know about international directories.
    • The Chambers and Partners research process, told by former directory researchers.
    • How to organise an in-house international directories department.
    • Structuring internal procedures and managing directory work.
    • Strategy: how to select the right directories to apply to.
    • Paid products offered by profitable directories.
    • Best practices when working with international directories.

    We are here to provide you with the necessary training and help you achieve your international directory goals.

    Achieve global recognition by ranking in the Legal 500

    What areas does Legal 500 cover?

    This directory of lawyers and law firms covers multiple areas of law around the world. Some of the areas included in Legal 500 are:

    • Banking & Finance
    • Capital Markets (Debt – Equity)
    • Commercial
    • Corporate / M&A
    • Data Privacy and Data Protection
    • Dispute Resolution
    • Employment
    • Environment
    • EU & Competition
    • Industry focus (Food – Healthcare and Life Sciences – Manufacturing – Retail – TMT)
    • Intellectual Property (Copyright – Patents – Trade marks)
    • Insurance
    • Private Equity
    • Projects and Energy
    • Public Law
    • Real Estate and Construction
    • Restructuring and Insolvency
    • Tax (also “The Big Four”)
    • Transport (Shipping – Other Transport)
    • White-Collar Crime

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    From the team of specialists at Gericó Associates, we can support you in the presentation of your candidatures. Improving your standing and obtaining a position in an international directory such as The Legal 500 will boost your image, visibility and reputation in the eyes of your stakeholders.

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