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Law firms Mergers and Operations

Law firm mergers and acquisitions have reached historic figures and the most striking fact is that year after year it reaches a new record. The apparent dichotomy in law firms between organic growth (or by own means) and inorganic growth (through mergers and acquisitions or portfolio purchases) many law firms are going simultaneously for both options.

Every month we read a headline about the integration of a law firm or practice area or a merger between two law firms. The unheard levels of competitiveness the legal sector has reached and the pressure to publish positive growth figures mean there is a necessity to prepare to compete at a higher level to attract more relevant opportunities, which results in going for these growth models.

How will our Mergers strategy help you?

At Gericó Associates we are aware that this strategic option implies many challenges, thus we offer our services and the maximum confidentiality to skillfully achieve the results. Regardless of the size of the law firm, the country in Europe or Latin America you are in and whether you want to integrate, merge, be absorbed or buy/sell portfolios, these are the professional, specialized and quality solutions that we offer:

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    • Scouting: identification of compatible law firms for potential mergers: following the requirements of the client over aspects like geographical zone, number of lawyers, billing, practice areas, corporate culture, etc.
    • Presentation of potential law firms: after identifying the potential law firms we coordinate a first presentation meeting.
    • Coordination and support at meetings: taking care of the most uncomfortable questions and leading the negotiations when necessary.
    • Law firm valuation: when either part requests it, we take charge of the economic valuation of the relevant law firms.
    • Sales dossier: preparation, design and layout of the sales dossier, an exhaustive document that explains the main lines of the law firm to be sold (market analysis, marketing and expansion strategy, financial analysis, commercial analysis, business plan, etc.). The aim is to promote the law firm through a technical analysis that allows the potential buyer to have a clear view of its possible acquisition, thus optimizing contact with potential buyers and, consequently, speeding up negotiations.
    • Brand valuation: when the intangible assets of a brand represent an added value for any of the parties, at Gericó Associates we assist with the valuation of the brand according to ISO 10668 and relevant financial standards.
    • Naming: name proposals for the resulting brand, keeping in mind, besides the methodology of naming, the criteria of the objective market and the real numbers of the deal.
    • Branding of the new brand: we work on all branding aspects of the new law firm, including the design of the new logo and the development of all relevant corporate materials, including also a new website, if necessary.
    • Marketing and communication of the transaction: Gericó Associates takes charge of all aspects related to the effective promotion of the transaction, coordinating when necessary with marketing and communication departments of the involved companies. This includes the internal communication of the transaction at both law firms and media management, as well as the harmonization of communications on each online platform. 

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