Clients who trust Gericó Associates

At Gericó Associates we only and exclusively work with the legal sector. Our clients are:

  • Large and mid-size law firms
  • In-house lawyers
  • Arbitrators and arbitral courts
  • Associations
  • Auditors
  • Bar Associations
  • Consultancy firms
  • Legal in-house departments
  • HR departments
  • Boutique firms (up to 15 professionals)
  • Medium-sized firms (15 to 300 professionals)
  • Large firms (over 300 professionals)
  • International firms
  • Publishing houses
  • LegalTech businesses
  • NewLaw firms
  • LPO (legal process outsourcing) firms
  • Litigation funds
  • Governments
  • Headhunters
  • Marketplaces
  • Mediators
  • Court and judicial experts
  • Attorneys
  • International networks
  • Partners of law firms of any size

These are some of the clients that have trusted us:

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This is what they say about us:

Our clients 47

“At Altra Legal we are extremely satisfied with the diverse services provided by Gericó, a consultancy firm of competent professionals who give us efficient attention and advice of an exceptional standard. Gericó’s consultants are very knowledgeable in the legal field and it shows”.

Dr. José Moreno | Founding & Managing Partner at Altra Legal

Our clients 48

“Very professional. They really know what they are doing”.

Marco Amorese | Partner at AMSL Avvocati

Our clients 49

“They are excellent professionals. They know the market very well and their service is top quality. I never tire of recommending them and working with them”.

Irene Pineda | Marketing and Business Development at Arias Law


“Working with Gericó Associates provides insight into what international directories really entail and the standards that global firms must follow. It is not enough to simply report matters, management and timely follow-up are also necessary, which only Gericó Associates can provide, without leaving behind professionalism and with the kind and dedicated attention of its associates”.

J. Antonio Ambrosi | Partner at Baker McKenzie México

Our clients 50

“We developed a strategic evolution with a business focus with Gericó Associates. Their team supports us in aspects that have a direct impact on the business, such as boosting our online presence and digitising processes. In addition, the contacts and training received from Gericó Associates have meant a before and after in our firm”.

Carlos Baixeras | Partner at Brugueras & García-Bragado

Our clients 5

“Knowledge and dedication to the client result in great work. Thank you, Gericó Associates, for providing us with your expertise through your highly qualified team of professionals”.

Daniel Benavides Sanseviero | Partner at Benavides Sanseviero


“To achieve visibility and positioning in the market for a modern law firm you need partners who know and understand your distinctive character, create complicity and empathy and offer sensible solutions in accordance with the new times of the profession. Gericó, with its presence both in Spain and Latin America, more than meets those requirements, and it does so with a smile and great professionalism”.

Blas A. González | Founding & Managing Partner


“Gericó Associates, through its consultancy and work team, is a strategic support for our firm. They are professionals with excellent service and quality”.

Marcelo Bodero | Founding Partner of M. Bodero & Asociados

Our clients 52

“We lawyers tend to overestimate our ability to reach and be understood in the marketplace. Knowing your product does not necessarily mean knowing how to position it. Gericó has helped us to overcome this problem. They have also allowed us to enter the Spanish market and understand how to increase our presence among people and companies that don’t necessarily know everything about who we are. They have helped us to understand where we are going and for others to understand who we are and what we do”.

Alfred Bullardz | Founding & Managing Partner at Bullard Falla Ezcurra +


“Working with you has been one of the best experiences we have had for the business. You revealed to us a communicative approach for a law firm that has offered us a new vision of the profession. Working with you has been a real pleasure”.

José Ángel Viñes Fernández | Partner at Carrau


“The marketing strategy developed and implemented by Gericó Associates and the branding work carried out for our firm has been a perfect complement to position ourselves in the niche we wanted in the market and generate more business opportunities”.

Luis Cazorla | Managing Partner at Cazorla Abogados

Our clients 53

“We worked on an ambitious plan that resulted in a comprehensive analysis of the legal sector and local market carried out by Gericó Associates, which we executed with innovative business development strategies and constant close support by the local and international team”.

Juan Carlos Escudero | Managing Partner at CMS Grau (Perú)


“Gericó Associates developed a communications and strategic marketing plan for the firm, as well as the whole change of our image and branding focused on the new strategy. Moreover, they organized an event in the W Hotel in Barcelona, with more than 250 attendees that was a complete success. It is a pleasure to work with Marc and his team, they are very professional”.

Jordi Conesa Sagresa | Managing Director


“In the launch of Del Canto Chambers, Marc of Gericó Associates have become our strategic partner, advising us on branding for our firm and everything related to business development and professional networking”.

León Fernando Del Canto | Founding & Managing Partner at Del Canto Chambers


“At Gericó Associates they have covered all the communication needs of my firm, both online and offline, with a quality and skill that is difficult to find in the market”.

Covadonga del Pozo | Founding & Managing Partner at Del Pozo & De La Cuadra


“Gericó Associates has a deep knowledge of the Latin American legal sector. The trainings conducted by Marc Gericó in Lima have been of great help, at a key moment for our firm”.

Sergio Barboza | Partner at DLA Piper Perú


“About the team at Gericó I would highlight its global vision, strength and knowledge of the regional markets by its local partners, as well as the excellency that characterizes its accompaniment in the day to day of our organization”.

Felipe Quintero Serrano | Partner at DLA Piper Colombia

Our clients 54

“The global vision that Gericó Associates has of legal marketing and legal communications coupled with their business vision and customer orientation makes them more than high quality providers, essential partners”.

Álvaro Écija | Founding & Managing Partner at Ecix Group


“Their privileged position in Madrid, Barcelona and LatAm, their contacts, talent, creativity, capacity of innovation, following of the latest trends, impeccable execution, work capacity and strategic vision make them more than worthy of this recommendation”.

Miquel Fortuny | Founding & Managing Partner at Fortuny Legal


“With Gericó Associates we worked on the positioning Grant Thornton´s legal area for our lawyers and practice areas so that it is excellent in relevant international directories. They are pedagogical and apply a clear, methodical and result orientated procedure”.

Policarpo Aroca Oviedo | Director of Marketing & Communications

Our clients 55

“When we thought of launching our firm we immediately thought of Gericó Associates. It is a high-level consultancy firm, with strategic thinking and which has been our right hand on the road we have travelled. We have full confidence in the whole team that accompanies us day by day”.

Davinia Sánchez | Founding & Managing Partner at Kepler—Karst


“Working with Gericó Associates made a difference in our firms, from the refinement of our strategic objectives to the reorientation of our brands and business units, without forgetting their always cordial and timely treatment. Our alliance with Gericó Associates, not only determined a before and after for us, but also contributed in the generation of important business connections that led us to expand our business”.

Néstor Contin | Founding & Managing Parner at MMC

Our clients 56

“A partner of the highest level. His ability to understand the client and his closeness to him, allow us to quickly achieve our objectives”.

Alexander Gómez Pérez | Managing Partner at OMP Lawyers

Our clients 57

“Gericó Associates is a project led by professionals who are not only very capable, but also very committed to their clients. They are creative, proactive, efficient and attentive”.

Cecilia O’Neill de la Fuente | Founding Partner at O’Neill Arbitraje

Our clients 58

“Gericó has been our great ally in times of pandemic, making our management and successes visible. We have found in them the ideal partners to advance in our image consolidation, expand our network of clients and allies, organize and communicate our organizational structure, and take the next step towards an integral evolution as a company. Since the beginning of our relationship with Gericó, there has been a remarkable progress in our business purposes”.

Luis Alejandro Quintero |  Founding & Managing Partner at Q&Q Abogados


“Our experience with Gericó Associates has been extremely positive. The team goes beyond what is in the contract to meet our expectations. Their global knowledge and approach helped us with our strategy to enter Spain and other markets in Europe. Gericó Associates´ best asset is its people”.

María Girald | Marketing Manager at The Red Flag Group

Our clients 59

“Gericó Associates has proven to be an invaluable partner in our strategic approach, providing us with high quality service and in-depth knowledge of the legal sector. Their highly qualified team and entrepreneurial approach make the difference in the legal sector”.

Marlen Estévez | Partner at RocaJunyent


“In the recent past we have sought the assistance of Gericó Associates in connection with our efforts to further expand our Firm’s Latin America Practice, and have found their advice to be sound and pragmatic. Their extensive knowledge of the Region’s business environment and legal market is truly remarkable”.

Alejandro Peña-Prieto | Managing Partner at Squire Patton Boggs 


“The great experience and professionalism of Gericó Associates has been key in our internationalization process to Latin America”.

Santiago Estrada Azcona | President at Velae Legal Group


“Gericó Associates has been for us a fundamental partner in our successful acquisition process. Without them we would not have been able to carry it out”.

Tomás Dapena | Partner at Vento Abogados y Asesores

Who we work with

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Mid-size law firm

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Boutique law firm

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Large firm

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Mid-size firm

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