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International directories, especially the most prestigious and relevant ones such as Chambers and Partners and The Legal 500, are not simple listings of lawyers but authentic market studies where a thorough research process takes place, including the analysis of work highlights and feedback from clients and competitors, to decide the rankings for lawyers and law firms, and also to recognise in-house legal professionals in certain specific publications.

There is no doubt that maintaining a good position in an international directory is an external and objective seal of quality that is accepted globally. Nowadays, it is key for the positioning of a firm to strategically plan the submission process throughout the year, as rankings are one of the main pillars of reputation in the legal sector worldwide, to the point that some refer to Chambers and Partners, the leading international directory, as the gold standard.

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    Increase global exposure with International Directories

    Chambers and Partners also highlights the benefits having a ranking in one of its guides. Based on a survey conducted in June 2018 by an independent agency among more than 13,500 professionals in the legal sector, the benefits of being ranked in Chambers and Partners include:

    • 20% increase in conversion after sending a proposal.
    • 79% improvement in reputation.
    • 48% improvement in career prospects.

    Through our comprehensive advice, we offer professional, specialised and quality solutions throughout the submission process to leading international directories such as Chambers and Partners, Legal 500, IFLR1000, Leaders League, among others. We work with law firms of all sizes and from all over the world!

    Experience business expansion with our support

    At Gericó Associates, we understand the unique challenges that businesses face when operating on a global scale. Our mission is to connect you with the most reputable and accomplished law firms across the world, making your international expansion journey as smooth and successful as possible.

    With our carefully curated list of international law firms, you gain access to a great network of legal professionals who specialize in various fields of law and possess in-depth knowledge of the local regulations, cultures, and business landscapes in their respective regions. Whether you’re a multinational corporation looking to establish a presence in a new market or a small business navigating the complexities of cross-border trade, our directory is your gateway to legal support that transcends boundaries. Let us be your compass in the intricate world of international law, guiding your business toward seamless growth and ensuring compliance with global legal standards. Explore our directory and experience business expansion like never before.

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    Comprehensive advice

    We accompany our clients throughout the entire research process, from the organisation and selection of information to the day of publication of the final results. Our advice aims to add value to the intensive work of collecting and selecting information, preparing submissions and referee spreadsheets, and even offers a comparative analysis of previous years’ submissions for individuals and practice areas. In addition, we also provide all the necessary follow-up and support to partners in their preparation for interviews.

    This service is ideal for firms that have never submitted to directories, those that have submitted, but to no avail, and for teams that already have a ranking, but are looking to maintain and even improve it. In short, it is a comprehensive service that provides ongoing support for all of the firm’s international directory needs.

    Submission review

    Have you already completed your submission but are not sure if it is the content the directory is looking for? Gericó Associates offers a submission review and referee spreadsheet analysis service prior to submission, if you already have a team with the capacity to prepare it in-house. Our consultancy service includes analysis of the content, together with the necessary changes and suggestions based on our recent experience working from within the most prestigious directory.

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    Feedback from previous year's submissions

    Does the firm submit every year, but is not getting the expected results? Following the our clients’ needs, at Gericó Associates we have designed this service that seeks to bring clarity and elucidate the reasons why an application has not been successful or why the firm’s objectives have not been met. From there we define objectives, and according to the firm’s requirements, we can upgrade to a comprehensive advisory service or review of submissions: we are flexible!


    Trainings are one of the most requested services by law firms. They are aimed at firms that prefer to deal with international directories in-house and require the prior knowledge that only a specialised team can provide. We offer all types of training, adapted to our clients’ needs. Among others, we have trained partners, associates and marketing and communication professionals on the following topics:

    • How to prepare a submission that stands out from the rest?
    • Everything you need to know about international directories.
    • What the Chambers and Partners research process is like as told by a former directory researcher.
    • How to organise an in-house international directories department.
    • How to structure your internal procedures and manage directory work.
    • Strategy: Which directories should I apply to?
    • Which paid products offered by directories are worth investing in?
    • Best practices when working with international directories.
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    Our track record in International Directories

    For years, our dedication to excellence and unwavering commitment to our clients have resulted in numerous achievements in international directories. We’ve advised firms from diverse countries, including international powerhouses, strategically positioning them in leading international directories. Our proven track record in guiding law firms towards enhanced visibility and recognition speaks to our expertise in navigating the complex landscape of legal directories.

    Our systematic approach involves meticulous strategic planning, thorough data collection, and persuasive content development. We ensure that every firm we represent shines a spotlight on their distinctive strengths and accomplishments. This has not only increased the reach and accessibility of these firms to a global clientele, but has also solidified their positions as leaders in their respective practice areas. Our successes in international directories are a testament to our commitment to promoting legal excellence on a global scale.

    Benefits of being part of the international directories

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    Career prospects

    Increase your law firm's visibility and reputation in international directories

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    International directories in which we are experts

    In the past year, 75% of the law firms that have submitted with our help for the first time obtained a ranking in The Legal 500. If your firm wants to submit or improve its positioning in legal rankings such as Chambers and Partners or The Legal 500, among other, our team of specialists in legal directories, with extensive experience in the legal industry and former Chambers and Partners’ editorial team, will accompany you in the process of submitting to legal rankings.

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    The Legal 500

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    Frequently asked questions about International Directories

    International law directories can significantly enhance your firm’s reputation in several ways:

    • Visibility and credibility: being ranked in reputable international law directories can increase your firm’s visibility to a global audience. It adds credibility as it means that your firm meets specific standards and has a strong track record.
    • Client trust: potential clients, usually General Counsel, often turn to directories to find experienced lawyers. Having your firm ranked can make them trust your expertise and choose your services over others.
    • Peer recognition: many directories use peer reviews and endorsements, which can reflect positively on your firm. Recognition from fellow lawyers can enhance your reputation in the legal community.
    • Increased web traffic: a position in these directories can drive more traffic to your website, where potential clients can learn about your services and experience.
    • Networking opportunities: directories can help you connect with other lawyers and law firms worldwide, leading to potential collaborations and referrals.
    • Global reach: if your firm deals with international matters, directories help you reach a global audience, which can be crucial for expanding your practice beyond your local jurisdiction.

    Obtaining rankings in international law directories can provide a substantial boost to your reputation and help attract a wider range of clients, ultimately contributing to your firm’s success.

    An international directory for law firms is a comprehensive ranking of law firms and legal professionals from around the world. These directories typically include detailed information about law firms, such as their practice areas, locations, contact information, and profiles of the lawyers who work there. They serve as a valuable resource for individuals and businesses seeking legal services in different countries or regions, as they can help in finding experienced and qualified lawyers who specialize in various areas of law.

    Submitting to international directories for law firms involves a structured process to ensure that your law firm is ranked in the correct position. Here’s a general overview of the steps involved:

    1. Research: before you begin, research various international directories to identify the most relevant ones for your law firm’s practice areas and geographic focus. Look for directories that are well-regarded and widely used in the legal industry.

    2. Create a profile: most directories require you to create a profile for your law firm to be able to submit by the deadline.

    3. Gather information: collect all the necessary information and materials needed for your directory submission, which may include:
    – Firm name and contact information.
    – Information about practice areas and lawyers
    – Case summaries, client lists, or other relevant achievements.
    – Client testimonials or references.

    4. Draft descriptions and bios: write concise and compelling descriptions of your law firm and the expertise of individual lawyers. These descriptions should highlight your firm’s strengths and key accomplishments.

    5. Submit your entry by the deadline: go to the website of the directory you’ve chosen and follow their submission instructions. Some directories have online forms, while others may require you to send the information via email.

    6. Follow the research process carefully: check regularly for the start of the research process, and once confirmed, informed and follow-up with your referees to make sure they send their feedback.

    7. Results: once the results are out, it is time to check whether your firm is ranked and in which position.

    8. Leverage the listing: after your law firm is listed, make the most of it by sharing the directory information on your website, in marketing materials, and with clients. A ranking in a respected directory can enhance your firm’s credibility and visibility.

    Remember that different directories have unique submission guidelines and timelines, so it’s essential to follow their specific requirements. Being ranked in reputable international directories can help your law firm establish a strong online presence and attract potential clients from around the world.

    • Directory submission services: companies may assist law firms in the process of submitting their information to international directories. This includes creating, optimizing, and submitting profiles to ensure accurate and compelling representations.
    • Profile enhancement: professionals may offer services to enhance the content of law firm profiles within directories, making them more appealing and informative to potential clients.
    • Research and strategy: consultants might help law firms identify the most suitable international directories for their practice areas and develop a strategy for maximizing their listings’ impact.
    • Review management: services may include monitoring and responding to reviews, ensuring positive feedback is highlighted, and addressing any negative feedback professionally and constructively.
    • Content creation: copywriters and content creators may generate persuasive descriptions, case summaries, and lawyer bios for directory listings, emphasizing the firm’s strengths and successes.
    • Updates and maintenance: professionals may ensure that directory listings remain current by regularly updating information and making necessary revisions.
    • Reputation management: consultants may assist firms in managing their online reputation and leveraging directory listings to enhance their credibility and visibility.
    • Data verification: professionals may help law firms ensure the accuracy of their directory listings by regularly verifying and updating the information.

    These services can help law firms and legal professionals make the most of their presence in international directories, effectively showcasing their expertise and attracting clients on a global scale. When seeking such services, it’s important to choose providers with a strong track record in the legal industry and a deep understanding of international directory dynamics.

    Our team has several years of experience in accompanying law firms in the process of submitting to various international directories.

    We have advised more than 400 firms in the past seven years, helping them obtain new rankings and improve positions both as a practice area as well as individually.

    Our lead partner is Maria Sol Rubio, former Deputy Editor of Chambers and Partners, and a lawyer with extensive knowledge of best practices throughout the whole submission process.

    We work with the key international directories, including Chambers and Partners, The Legal 500, Leaders League, Latin Lawyer, ITR World Tax, IFLR1000, IP Stars,WTR – World Trademark Review, among others.

    Many times our clients request our services with a clear view of which directories they wish to submit to; however, this is not always the case.

    If firms are not sure about the differences between directories and which ones to submit to, we can help them select the most relevant directories for the practice areas they strategically need to aim.

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