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Gericó Associates is the first legal marketing, communications and business development firm for the legal sector in Europe and Latin America.

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Our consultants, with extensive experience in law firms (such as Cuatrecasas, Garrigues, Baker McKenzie, Miranda & Amado, Olaechea, Veirano, Campos Mello, Lloreda Camacho, CMS, Olaechea, Benites, Vargas & Ugaz, Estudio Rubio, Leguía & Normand, etc), international directories (such as Chambers and Partners), leading media (La Sexta, Atresmedia, Euronews), and communication and marketing agencies, provide comprehensive advice on business strategy, PR, corporate and crisis communication, business development, litigation PR, management, pricing, design and implementation of marketing plans, and positioning in international directories.

In recent years we have worked with 3 of the 10 largest firms worldwide. We adapt to the specific needs of the firms, from boutiques to multinationals, developing teamwork based on the most sophisticated practices we observe nationally and internationally.

Our company philosophy is to adapt to new developments and to be constantly changing and modernising, just like the environment around us. That is why one of our standards is to be governed by the #NewTimes philosophy, through which we aim to constantly reinvent ourselves and provide the most successful, effective and innovative solution to our clients.

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Business Development
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Business Development
for law firms

We work exclusively
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Why Gericó Associates

If you are thinking of working with us, we make it easy for you. Here are 10 reasons to choose Gericó Associates:

Our clients in Spain, Europe, Central America, the Caribbean, South America and North America allow us to have international and specialized contacts and unrivalled experience in the market.
At Gericó Associates we work exclusively with the legal sector. This specialization allows us to offer tailored solutions from a deep understanding of the needs of the sector’s businesses and to have the appropriate contacts for the successful development of any related project.

We were the first to do it and many have since copied the idea and even the message. However, you can copy ideas, not brains. Our consultants have the know-how gained by working at our firm in the past 10 years, which we have also reflected in our internal protocols. This allows us not only to design strategies tailored to each client, but also, our internal team allows us to carry out the implementation with the maximum quality guarantees.

Knowing the local reality of the markets where our clients compete is key and that is why we have local partners for delivering our services and being on our clients’ side, always with the know-how and quality stamp of Gericó Associates.
The combined experience of our professionals, our training, methodology and internal protocols allow us to offer tried and tested solutions, without improvising. Experience, without a doubt, counts.
Our internal protocols and the different levels of supervision allow us to offer, according to our clients, “a very professional service”, with “constant and close support” and “a quality that is difficult to find in the market”, “going beyond what is made explicit in the contract to exceed our expectations ”. In short: we take the shortcut to a job well done.

We do not consider ourselves mere advisors, but we believe that our role is to become true business partners, achieving objectives thanks to our disciplines. 

We get involved in the business of our clients to drive them to new heights, always seeking client satisfaction, return, and opening new doors for the business generation of those who come to us.


We are integrated into the structure of the firms we work with, either coordinating with the international department of the mother brand, with the different marketing departments, the Partner/s or with the professional designated as responsible. 

Depending on the contracted services, we report weekly and update the KPIs agreed with our clients on a monthly basis, which allows us to effectively monitor the objectives set, which we also present visually to facilitate their monthly comparison.


We have worked with 3 of the 10 largest firms worldwide by number of lawyers, but also with firms in the middle market and with sole practitioners or small boutiques.

 But we have also worked – and we work – with litigation funds, software companies and LegalTech, publishers, international networks, LPO companies (Legal Process Outsourcing), NewLaw, associations, marketplaces, agencies, solicitors, consultants and auditing firms.


At Gericó Associates we believe that we live in the age of connections. For this reason, we identify win-win synergies between our clients and contacts and promote their development. 

Our history of almost a decade in the legal sector at national and international level has allowed us to develop an extensive network of contacts through which to develop all kinds of initiatives in many fields.